New product 2015: RD24 Vario cable outlet


As one of the leading companies in the development and manufacture of connector, Binder stands for the highest level of quality, dependability and responsibility toward employees, customers and service providers. Our orientation is on customer requests and we develop, construct and produce the right solutions for our customers. Because our product are the main focus of our business, we continue to develop our products further at all times.

The Power segment at Binder includes connectors with protection class IP40 - IP67, which have properties that are especially suitable for the area of machine building. We would like to introduce you to the Series 693 RD24 Vario cable outlet as a new product in this area. Especially with applications that have arbitrary assemblies, the product is significantly more flexible while it provides the best possible reliability with regard to strain relief and protection class. In addition, round cables can be taken up with a housing size of 7 - 17 mm.

Another advantage is the simple and secure assembly as a result of the low number of components. With a rated voltage of 250V/400V, a rated current of 16A/10A and the VDE and UL approval, the RD24 Vario cable outlet offers optimal prerequisites especially for the area of machine building.

In addition, the product is available as 3+PE type (polyethylene) with solder, crimp and screw terminal connection options.

Special features

  • Mounting of round cables with outer diameters from 7 to 17 mm
  • Significantly higher flexibility for applications with arbitrary assemblies
  • Best possible security for strain relief and protection class
  • Available as 3+PE type (polyethylene) with solder, crimp and screw terminal connection options
  • The low number of components make the assembly simple and secure
  • The rated voltage of 250V/400V, rated current of 16A/10A and VDE and UL approval (available soon) provide the optimal prerequisites for applications in Machine building and power supply in many different areas.    

Do you have any questions?

Our agents are available at any time. You are welcome to order the RD24 Vario cable outlet from us beginning in July 2015. We look forward to hearing from you (http://www.binder- connector.de/de/kontakt/prospektanfrage/)!