New product 2015: M12 integrated connector


For SMT PCB mounting  

As one of the leading companies in the development and manufacture of connector, Binder stands for the highest level of quality, dependability and responsibility toward employees, customers and service providers. Our orientation is on customer requests and we develop, construct and produce the right solutions for our customers. Because our product are the main focus of our business, we continue to develop our products further at all times.  

In the area of SMT technology, Binder now offers M12 integrated connectors for SMT PCB mounting. High performance synthetic materials, such as LCP, must be used here because the insulation material of SMT components "Reflow-Soldering" causes exposure to a temperature of 250°C. M12 SMT integrated connectors consist of a solder and shielding sheet, insulation body and SMT contacts with different numbers of contracts and encodings. The integrated housing is available with different installation heights. You can order your Binder connector in single packaging or "Tape and Reel" packaging.        

Special features

  • SMT technology
  • SMT contact bodies with solder and shielding sheet, insulation body and SMT contacts with various numbers of pins and encodings
  • Integrated housing with different installation heights
  • Single or "tape and reel" packaging
  • "Reflow-Soldering" (20 to 40 sec, 250°C) possible
  • Insulation body made of temperature-resistant LCP    

Do you have any questions?

Our agents are available at any time. You can order the M12 integrated connector for SMT PCM mounting from us beginning in September 2015. We look forward to hearing from you (http://www.binder- connector.de/de/kontakt/prospektanfrage/)!