New product 2015: M12 panel mount connector with square flange



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Binder offers a new product in the area of S+T encoding with the square flange as an expanded version of panel mount connectors. The housing has four fastening bores for M3 screws. The flat sealing, which serves as a seal to the customer housing, is also a Binder accessory. The connectors are pre-manufactured with 200 mm long AWG16 single wires and the nickel-plated brass housings are die-cast in the connection area.

For the S-coded version, it must be noted that the user must establish the electrical connection for the PE to the connector housings.


H3: Special features


- S+T coding 4-pin or 3+PE

- Version with square flange

- Four fastening bores for M3 screws

- Flat sealing from Binder accessories

- Pre-manufacturing with 200 mm AWG 16 UL single wires

- Nickel-plated brass housing die-cast in the assembly area

- The user must establish the electrical connection for a PE in S-coded version to the connector housing



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