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Power connectors

The IP40-IP67 protection type Binder power connector types are designed for rated currents up to 25 A. Different variations are available in the outer diameters of 25 - 40mm. The multi-pole power connectors are primarily used in mechanical engineering and are available with screw and bayonet locking. The RD 24 machine connectors are overmoulded with VDE, SEV and UL certified cables and also available with crimp terminals for machined crimp contacts. The power connector types are, for example, used in heavy rectangular connectors to DIN 43 652.

All power connectors feature a standard 2m cable. Other lengths are of course available upon request. This power plug connector types include M 23 circular connectors, IP 67 bayonet circular connectors, M 25 circular connectors, RD 24 machine connectors, RD 30 circular connectors

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